Boris Becker’s first Wimbledon victory in 1985 shapes the guiding principle of the Boris Becker International Tennis Academy to this day!

We tennis fans remember only too well how, at Wimbledon in 1985, Boris Becker almost gave up during his fourth round match against American Tim Mayotte. Boris had twisted his ankle. He carried on playing and won the match in five sets. After three more victories, Boris Becker become the youngest Wimbledon winner of all time. This will to win shaped his entire career. Today, it is reflected in the guiding principle of the Boris Becker Academy: NEVER STOP PLAYING!

And there is another reason why we chose this slogan. At the Boris Becker Academy, we play whatever the weather. It is all made possible by our unique training facilities. Eventually there will be more than 40 courts for training, including 22 indoor courts in one of the world’s largest tennis halls. Maybe even the largest! We are in the heart of Europe. But heat, rain or snow are no reason to interrupt training. We just go indoors. Here, too, our guiding principle remains: NEVER STOP PLAYING!