Train your game with artificial intelligence or play an LK-relevant match

We have installed the Wingfield system on two of our indoor courts. If you want to use it, book Court 1 or 2 online and collect your “Wingfield pass” at reception before your game. Please find out about how to use it online in advance, using the descriptions and videos provided. You can find more information on the Wingfield website, among others. Below is a brief description from the provider:

The system
Wingfield transforms conventional tennis courts into smart courts, providing access to the most interactive game experience of all time. The system gives you feedback on an exercise while you are still on court, unlocks totally new and interactive coaching formats, and rates matches in participating associations (e.g. Hessen) for your national rating. Below are some examples of how it can be used:

Match analyses
Celebrate every little success! First serve rate under 50%? You can do better! Numerous fascinating statistics show you what you need to work on before your next match.

Interactive drills
Push your limits! Drill scores give you immediate feedback on your performance after an exercise. Throw yourself into it! Set yourself new targets, track your progress and compare your high scores with the community.

Video tools
Go further than conventional video analysis. Regularly watching yourself play is the best way to progress. Use the smart video tool to filter entire matches for certain events, and save time and stress in your technical analysis.

Improve your DTB performance category (LK)
Challenge other players to an official match whenever you want or take part in an LK league in your club. The AI referee makes sure that the match has been conducted correctly and forwards the results to the association automatically.